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Truth hurts...not the searching after, the running from.
-- John Eyberg


Friday, December 17, 1999

Eyes wide open

Pay attention. Watch. Listen. Success doesn’t just give clues. Success shouts specific instructions to anyone who takes the time and the trouble to heed them.

Pay attention not only to those you wish to emulate, but, more importantly, to those you aim to serve. If you’re selling something, know your customer. If you’re performing, know your audience. If you’re writing, know your readers.

The world will tell you how to make it yours if you’ll just pay it some sincere respect. Open your eyes and see the wealth of opportunities to make a positive difference. Get out and get involved. Be curious. Be genuine. If the market is not beating a path to your door, make it your business to learn more about that market.

With enough understanding there are few things you cannot do. Make it your business to discover ways to be of true, genuine service and your days will be full indeed.

— Ralph Marston

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