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Show me someone who thinks that money buys happiness, and I'll show you someone who has never had a lot of money.
-- David Geffen


Thursday, March 8, 2018

Positive perspective

Time you spend being resentful is time you’ll never spend being joyful. Energy you consume by worrying is energy you cannot use to move forward.

You decide what gets to you and you decide what doesn’t. You decide what merits a response and what that response will be.

The world around you may often seem angry and divisive. But that in no way forces you to be angry and divisive too.

It’s in your best interest to consider your best interest before doing whatever you do. Almost always, your interest is better served by positive intention than by negative reaction.

Kindness, compassion, and understanding toward others is also great kindness toward yourself. Ease away from the burdens of blame and retribution, and reward your spirit with forgiveness and love.

Resolve to be a source of goodness rather than a receptacle of negativity. Live with a positive perspective, and live at your highest level.

— Ralph Marston

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