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Most people say that as you get old, you have to give things up. I think you get old because you give things up.
-- Theodore Green


The Daily Motivator
Subscriber Support FAQ

Why am I seeing advertisements on the site? I pay for a subscription, so I should not have to look at annoying ads.

We agree completely! Just log in with your email address and password, and the ads will disappear. In their place will be a soothing photograph with positive affirmations. And what’s really nice is that you can add your own personal affirmations on this section of the page. Just go to the Affirmations Manager to enter your affirmations. Then, when you read The Daily Motivator messages on the website, several of your own affirmations will be displayed alongside them. You may find that the positive energy you get from that feature alone is worth the modest $15 per year subscription price.

I did not receive my Daily Motivator message today - what’s wrong?

First, check your Email preference to make sure your subscription is set to have the daily messages sent to you by email. If it’s not, you can change it with just a click. Also, go to the login page and log in to make sure your subscription hasn’t expired or been paused.

We work to make sure that The Daily Motivator is extremely reliable. In more than twenty years of publication, we have never missed a single publication day. The e-mail messages are sent every Monday through Saturday (we do take Sundays off, so you won’t receive messages on Sundays).

One of the most common reasons that subscribers don’t receive the messages is that they accidentally BLOCK the messages using their spam filtering features of their e-mail program. Almost all Internet providers and e-mail programs now feature some form of spam blocking. In almost every case when a subscriber contacts us about not reliably receiving the daily messages, the problem turns out to be caused by the spam filtering setup on their e-mail. Fortunately, this is an easy problem to correct. Please understand, though, that this problem can only be corrected on your end, by adjusting your mail settings. Nothing we can do on this end will make the messages go through if they’re being blocked by your Internet provider or your e-mail program.

For more details on what to do, please see this page.

I’m clicking on the picture and music link in my email but not seeing the pictures or hearing the music. Why not?

First, try accessing the presentation directly instead of from the email message. If you’re able to see and hear it that way, then the problem is that your email program is not communicating the link to your browser. This is usually due to security or firewall software on your computer that is designed to prevent you from being able to click on links in email messages. If that’s the case, you’ll need to adjust your security settings to get the link in the email to work.

Alternately, you can just bookmark this page in your web browser, and go to that bookmark every day. The current day’s picture and music presentation will always be available there.

PLEASE NOTE: Prior to 2020, The Daily Motivator video presentations required the Adobe Flash Player. However, the presentations are now published in full HD video and no longer require Adobe Flash Adobe (Adobe Flash Player is no longer supported by most browsers). So there is no longer any need to download the Flash Player.

How do I change my subscription to a new address?

Go to the Email address change page and enter your new e-mail address. Then check your e-mail. You should receive a confirmation of the change which will be sent to both the old and new e-mail addresses. Note that for future logins after you change your address, you’ll need to use the new address. The password doesn’t change unless you change it also (see below).

How do I change my password?

Go to the Password change page and enter your current password as well as the new one. Then check your e-mail. You should receive a confirmation of the change.

I forgot my password, or don’t remember ever having one in the first place.

Enter your email address on this page and we’ll send you a password. Then you can log in and change it to whatever you wish.

How do I give a gift subscription?

You can order Gift Subscriptions online with a credit card or by mail with a check or money order. They make a great gift, and can be sent immediately or on any future date you choose. Please see this page for more information.

Will I be billed monthly for this subscription?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Your one-time payment of $15 is for a FULL YEAR. If you paid by credit card, you will be billed just once for $15. The charge will appear on your statement with the merchant name IMAGE EXPRESS, INC. (the name of the company that publishes The Daily Motivator).

Will I be automatically billed for a renewal subscription?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! We will send you a renewal notice about a month before your subscription is due to expire, giving you instructions on how to renew. You will be charged for a renewal ONLY if you specficially request one at the time. Otherwise, you will incur no further charge or obligation. For more information on this and other business policies, please see our No Nonsense page.