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Email problems

If you are a subscriber to The Daily Motivator and you are not receiving all or some of the daily e-mail messages, here is some helpful information.

Our TOP PRIORITY at The Daily Motivator is the reliable delivery of the daily messages. In more than twenty years of publication, we have NEVER missed a single publication day. Occasionally (maybe once every year or two) there are technical problems on our end that cause the e-mail to be delayed, but in every case, as soon as these problems are discovered, we fix them and make sure that day’s message is sent to every subscriber. These problems are very rare. We use an email service provider that has a worldwide network of servers and one of the highest deliverability rates available.

If you are a paid subscriber to The Daily Motivator and you are not receiving some or all of the daily messages, there is a 99.9% probability that the problem is due to the messages being erroneously blocked or re-directed by your Internet provider, your computer security software, or your e-mail program.

Almost all e-mail programs and Internet providers now include some form of spam blocking, in an attempt to reduce the number of unwanted messages that you receive. Sometimes, these spam blocking features inadvertantly block legitimate e-mail that you want to receive, such as The Daily Motivator.

In most cases, messages from The Daily Motivator will not be blocked by spam blocking programs. However, there are many different ways these programs can be set up, so it is certainly possible.

If you know you are using a spam blocking feature in your e-mail program or through your Internet provider, the best way to make sure you receive every daily message from The Daily Motivator is to add our e-mail address to your list of “acceptable senders.” Most of the spam blocking programs give you the ability to create and maintain a list of e-mail addresses that you ALWAYS want to receive e-mail from. Often this list is referred to as an “acceptable senders” list or just as your “address book.”

The Daily Motivator is sent to you from the following address:

So, if possible, please add the above address to your acceptable sender list or your address book so that e-mail from that address will always go through to you.

CLICK HERE specific instructions for your particular email service, email software, or spam filter.

Some additional general suggestions:

One thing you can do is to send a “blank” email to that address. Just use your e-mail software to create a new email message, address it to, put “test” in the subject line and “test” in the body of the message, and send it. Often, when you send e-mail to an address your e-mail service will then automatically add that address to your acceptable sender’s list.

Do you receive your email on multiple devices (such as on a computer and on a smartphone)? Depending on how your email account is configured, it could be that one device is automatically downloading The Daily Motivator message during the night while you're sleeping, and then in the morning when you check for your email on the other device the message has already been deleted from the server by the first device, so you don't see it.

If you receive your e-mail at your workplace, your company most likely uses an incoming e-mail filtering service. If that’s the case, check with your system administrator or the customer support representative for that service and let them know that the missing messages are coming from and are sent from one of the following IP addresses:,, or

For others, please check with your e-mail program instructions or your Internet provider for more information on how to add an address to your acceptable sender list.

One problem we sometimes see is that the subscriber has accidentally “marked” one of the previous Daily Motivator messages as “spam”. Usually this is done by clicking on a button in your e-mail program that says “report spam” or “this is spam”. When this happens, our e-mail address (, or sometimes just the domain name ( gets added to a “blocked senders list” and future messages will be deleted or put in the spam mailbox.

Check your “blocked senders” list and make sure the address “” and the domain name “” are NOT included on that list. If you find either or both of them on the list, removing them will most likely solve the problem and allow the messages to get through to you.

If you’re not sure what kind of spam blocking is in effect on your e-mail account, the best way to make sure is to contact your Internet provider. When you contact your Internet provider, tell them that you want to receive e-mail that is sent from the following e-mail address and server:

If you continue to have problems, I will be happy to help you figure out what's going on. If you're having trouble receiving e-mail from The Daily Motivator, please understand that if you try to send and e-mail to me describing your problem, you may not receive my reply (because, just like the daily messages, my reply might be blocked). So, for this kind of problem, the best way to contact me is by telephone. You can call toll free within the USA by dialing 1-888-794-4300. Outside the USA, you can call +1-512-401-4900. If you call and get my voice mail, be sure to leave a callback number and spell out your name AND your email address.