Most people who give a gift are happy to receive a polite thank you. When you give The Daily Motivator, you are sure to be thanked over and over again, for such a useful, positive, unique gift. A gift of The Daily Motivator is more than just a token to commemorate a special day. It is a way to make every day special, a small, simple message that makes a positive difference in the lives of those who read it.
When you give a subscription to The Daily Motivator, we send a new, original, positive and insightful message every Monday through Saturday for a full year. Each daily message has your name on it as the gift giver, a constant reminder that you care enough to give something of real and continuing value. The daily message arrives by email, ready and waiting each day for whenever your gift recipient wishes to read it. ORDER NOW
A moment of peace and positive reflection to start the day
Each email message also includes a link to a beautiful video version of that day's Daily Motivator, with the words fading in and out of nature photos, accompanied by instrumental background music (view a sample). Imagine giving someone a moment of peace and positive reflection to start the day, every Monday through Saturday, all year long. That's what you give when you give a gift subscription to The Daily Motivator.
Outstanding value
Gift subscriptions are just $15 (US dollars) for a full year. There are no shipping or handling charges or any hidden fees. If you order 10 or more on the same order, the price drops to $12 each. Order 25 or more and the price is only $10 each. ORDER NOW
Fast and convenient
And there is no delay. The announcement of your gift can be sent immediately, or on any future date you choose, up to a year away. So even if you've waited until the last minute, you can still give a thoughtful and meaningful gift that's sure to be appreciated throughout the year. (Sorry, we can't travel back to the past and send your gift yesterday or last week.)
If you wish, you can include an optional message of up to 500 characters ("Merry Christmas", "Happy Birthday", "Hope you have a great New Year", "Love and Kisses from Aunt Amy", or whatever you wish). The message will be included in the email gift announcement that's sent.
Each Daily Motivator Gift Subscription includes full access to Subscriber-Only features of The Daily Motivator website, including the daily video presentations, a downloadable motivational audio program, and more.
Give a gift that makes a positive difference, every day. Order now using our Secure Online Gift Order Form.
ONE MORE THING: Don't worry -- you won't be getting a surprise charge this time next year. For your protection we do NOT keep your payment information (not even for a millisecond), so it is impossible for us to automatically charge you for a renewal (we will send you a reminder, though, if you'd like to renew the gift next year).

Thank you very much for your consideration and support of The Daily Motivator!