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Not the fruit of experience but experience itself, is the end.
-- Walter Pater


Tuesday, June 22, 1999


It is helpful to know how to, yet that is not enough. It is also essential that you know why to. The “how to” of any achievement is usually fairly simple -- rarely easy, but almost always simple. In most fields of endeavor, the path to success is fairly obvious, and is filled with plenty of effort and commitment.

So why do too few people follow that path? It’s not the lack of knowing how. It is the failure to understand why.

With anything you reach for, if you are to have a chance of obtaining it, you must fashion a strong, solid and compelling connection to it. Unless your goals are personally meaningful, they are not likely to be achieved, no matter how clearly you understand what needs to be done to reach them.

Conversely, when you strive for something that is among your heart’s deepest desires, even if you’re not initially clear as to how you’ll reach it, your strong sense of “why” will compel you to find a way.

Do you have trouble taking the actions you know you need to take in order to be successful? Maybe its because you’re giving lip service to goals which don’t truly match your innermost desires. Within you, there are purposes which will compel you to follow them. Seek them out and begin to live your incredible destiny.

— Ralph Marston

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