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I've long seen failure as a tool, not an outcome.
-- Scott Adams


Friday, March 29, 2024

Be decisive

When you decide to go with one option, you abandon other options. But if you never make that decision, none of the options end up providing any value.

Rarely is any option a perfect choice. Every choice is likely to come with one compromise or another, or many.

Yet to get anything accomplished, again and again you must commit to particular options. That means being decisive, and then following through on your decisions.

Give due consideration to the consequences of each choice, but not to the point that you give rise to analysis paralysis. Think honestly about your options, then decisively go with what you deem best.

If you try to preserve all your options by endlessly delaying your decision, you’re likely to lose them all. The sooner you choose, the more power you’ll have to leverage your choice into positive results.

When you have a choice, make it. That gives you the opportunity to make it work.

— Ralph Marston

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