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Thoughts mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence, and a burning desire are powerful things.
-- Napoleon Hill


Saturday, March 30, 2024

Never a victim

You never have to see yourself as a victim. You always have the option to take full responsibility for your own life.

That’s not the easiest option, particularly in the short term. But over time, as years and experiences accumulate, it’s your best option.

Countless forces affect every aspect of your existence. The vast majority of them are far beyond your ability to control or even influence.

Yet although you cannot stop a speeding train, it’s a fairly simple matter to avoid standing in front of one. Rather than seeing and positioning yourself as a victim, there are plenty of good things you can do.

You can pay attention to what benefits your life and what harms it, and act accordingly. You can notice which people and situations encourage and support you, and can choose often to be in their presence.

You can start with the assumption that your life is your responsibility, and then act upon that assumption in every situation. Do that, and even in a precarious, uncertain world, you’ll never have to accept the role of helpless victim.

— Ralph Marston

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