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Generosity generates income.
-- Seth Godin


Friday, September 8, 2023

Now is the meaningful time

Don’t delay the meaning in your life. Find it, create it, experience it, live it in every encounter, in every situation.

You can set ambitious goals, make great plans, and follow through with them. But you don’t have to put off life’s richness until some later date in order to do so.

Meaning arises not just from the results and rewards you seek and obtain. There’s much opportunity to experience meaning in the entire process of living.

You’re not doing this activity right now so you can get to the meaningful part of life afterwards. Now is when the meaningful part of life happens.

Fill your awareness with gratitude for the chance to live this time with meaning. Seek to make every little detail resonate with positive purpose.

The meaningful time is now. Embrace the opportunity to deepen your sense of meaning with everything you do.

— Ralph Marston

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