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One man with courage makes a majority.
-- Andrew Jackson


Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Challenge your thoughts

Your first thoughts about a particular situation are likely not your best thoughts on it. When you can, give those thoughts time to be challenged and improved by other thoughts.

Distance yourself from the circumstances and mindset you were in when you first had the thoughts. Alter your perspective and enable your thoughts to run in a different direction.

It’s great to jump quickly into action when you think of what must be done. But it can also be wise not to jump too quickly.

That’s especially true when you’re operating in unfamiliar territory. If you have a brilliant idea for what to do, and you’ve never done it before, seriously scrutinize that idea, and run it by others if you can.

An important part of being creative and resourceful is having the humility to recognize your initial plans could be way off base. It’s entirely appropriate to have confidence that you can get it right while also acknowledging that’s not likely to happen instantly.

Think innovative, creative thoughts, then expand your creativity by questioning those thoughts. Do what it takes to get yourself from the first idea all the way to the best idea.

— Ralph Marston

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