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There are no gains without pains.
-- Benjamin Franklin


Thursday, August 3, 2023

Easy is not worth it

Easy is overrated. The best option is not usually the easiest option.

It’s easy to complain but much better to solve the problem you’re complaining about. It’s easy to wish for the outcome you desire but better to take action and make it happen.

Doing only what’s easy won’t improve your skills or leave you with any lasting sense of accomplishment. The easy path is not the most interesting or fulfilling one.

The most meaningful times are not the easiest times. Much of what makes life good comes to the forefront when life is difficult.

Easy is a promise that rarely lives up to expectations. What’s easy in the moment often leads to regret over time.

Be wary of giving up time, opportunity, meaning and value in exchange for ease. Usually, easy is not worth the cost, and you have a lot of better options.

— Ralph Marston

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