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Wealth is not in making money, but in making the man while he is making money.
-- John Wicker


Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Structures of reality

Your life is not some nebulous, abstract concept. It is the actual, physical embodiment of truth, of reality.

You have great latitude and ability to form your life in the ways you choose. Yet in order to do so, you must conform to the immutable boundaries of the reality in which you exist.

You dream, you imagine, you conceptualize, you test limits and explore alien territory. And although the possibilities are limitless, they are nonetheless governed, supported, and indeed made possible by an unchanging objective truth.

You can soar high into the sky and even beyond it through the vastness of the universe. Yet it is the solid, unyielding ground beneath your feet that enables the sky, and your experience of it, and you, to exist.

It is easy to despise and to curse the stark, uncompromising structures of reality through which you must constantly navigate. But without those structures nothing would have value, nothing would have meaning, nothing would be possible.

Far better to accept and even to celebrate what is true, what is real, even with all its inherent challenges and boundaries. For within those boundaries, in meeting those challenges, you can reach levels of joy and fulfillment that have no limit.

— Ralph Marston

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