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No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking.
-- Voltaire


Friday, March 12, 2021

Truth and falsehood

What is the difference between truth and falsehood? Truth can stand up to repeated, robust scrutiny, and falsehood cannot.

Truth is not a function of who it comes from. That is trust.

Certainly there are people you trust to speak the truth and people who can be depended on to lie. Yet truth itself is independent of how it gets to you.

Those who deal in truth are eager to be questioned and challenged about it. Those who deal in lies cannot tolerate any dissenting opinions.

At the most fundamental level, you depend on truth, from yourself, from others, to survive. Whenever you venture away from what is true, what is real, reality always wins.

Seek out and live by those truths, within you, outside you, that can stand up to challenge. With truth, every good thing is possible.

— Ralph Marston

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