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In the last analysis, our only freedom is the freedom to discipline ourselves.
-- Bernard Baruch


Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Truth, goodness, and integrity

Truth, goodness, and integrity are not just empty platitudes. They are practical, powerful, positive strategies.

Life has real meaning and choices have real consequences. Truth, goodness, and integrity end up producing the most beneficial consequences for the largest number of people.

Truth, goodness, and integrity are not easy, not always convenient in the moment. Yet they have infinite staying power.

Truth can be hidden, disguised, avoided, but truth eventually overcomes all the efforts to suppress it. Goodness lives deep in the heart of everyone who loves life, and even in the worst of times it will inspire people to be their best.

When anything is built with integrity, it’s destined to endure, to prevail, to provide lasting value. That’s true whether it’s someone’s life, or a physical structure, or an organization.

Avoid the temptation to be less than your best. Fill your thoughts, goals, words, actions, relationships, your whole life, with the power of truth, goodness, and integrity.

— Ralph Marston

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