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Joy is the best makeup.
-- Anne Lamott


Friday, December 19, 2008

Higher expectations

When you discover that you’ve exceeded your own best expectations, don’t be frightened. Be curious, and get a little more ambitious.

After all, you’ve done something you never expected you could do. Think of what else you could now do that you would have never before considered.

Though it’s great to succeed beyond your expectations, it can also be very uncomfortable. And that discomfort can pull you back down, getting you to underperform in order to compensate for your recent spectacular performance.

Instead of giving in to that need for comfort, get excited about what you’ve just accomplished. Instead of bowing to your previous expectations, choose to raise your expectations even higher.

No, you didn’t just get lucky. You took the actions necessary to accomplish even more than you had expected.

Now you have the outstanding opportunity to build on that accomplishment. Step boldly forward, don’t look back, and continue amazing yourself with all that you can do.

— Ralph Marston

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