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Don't let what you're being get in the way of what you might become.
-- Harry Palmer


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Positive direction

The magnitude of your next step does not matter nearly so much. What really matters is the direction.

To turn your life around, you must first turn your focus around. To move toward your goals, you must first be facing them.

Just a small step in a positive direction is a step nonetheless. Just one small positive thought has the power to turn you away from years of negative actions.

Every moment is a choice. And every moment you can choose to orient your life in a positive direction.

You don’t have to take big strides, for the small steps will get you there just as reliably. Just make sure that each thought, each action, each feeling, however insignificant it might seem, points toward where you desire to go.

Maintain a positive direction, and no matter what else happens, you’ll always be making progress. Keep yourself pointed in the direction of your dreams, and every day will bring you closer.

— Ralph Marston

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