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Every cultural flowering finds root and nourishment in an expansion of commerce and industry.
-- Will Durant


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Live on a higher level

When you’re constantly on the lookout for limitations, you invite those limitations into your life. Choose instead to allow more of the goodness and wholeness that make life so beautiful and miraculous.

Keep your focus on the positive possibilities, and put your energy into bringing those possibilities to life. When you’re busy with creative accomplishment, fewer troubles will be able to find you.

Allow your thoughts and actions to be in harmony with your most cherished values. Fill your moments with sincere expressions of love, gratitude and creativity.

If you see yourself as struggling and striving, you give power to fear, pain and despair. Choose instead to see yourself as making a positive difference, and give your power to the very best things you can imagine.

You never have to live on the level at which everything is a problem or a conflict. You can decide to live on a higher level at which every situation is an opportunity to invoke and to express life’s goodness.

In each moment, allow that goodness to stream into your world. With each day, lovingly bring to life the value that is yours to create.

— Ralph Marston

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