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Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.
-- Oscar Wilde


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What’s good about this?

Questions can have a powerful effect on your thinking, and here’s a question that can profoundly improve your perspective. What’s good about this?

When you see a news story, or hear about something that’s happened to a friend, or come across a challenge in your own life, ask yourself. What’s good about this?

Get in the habit of asking the question and you’ll be training your mind to always look for the answer. After a while, without even asking, you’ll immediately see the positive aspect of every situation you encounter.

And that is indeed a powerful place to be. For when you can zero in on the positive possibilities, you have the opportunity to create enormous value.

People who attain magnificent levels of achievement live in exactly the same world as those who never seem to go anywhere. One big difference is that high achievers have learned to see real value where others see nothing but dead ends and despair.

Choose to be the person who sees the positive possibilities by remembering to ask this question, whatever the situation may be. What’s good about this?

— Ralph Marston

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