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Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today.
-- James Dean


Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Really winning

Even if you were able to prove yourself to be better than others, of what real value would it be to you? Real and lasting fulfillment comes not from pushing yourself away from others but rather from embracing them ever more closely.

Imagine the serenity and calm power of seeking not to prove yourself, but rather to express yourself in every moment with complete and total sincerity. Imagine the total release and effectiveness that can come from focusing on doing your best instead of worrying about who is best.

Those who feel they must prove themselves put themselves at a distinct disadvantage. Because in order to feel the need to prove, you must first assume that you’re in some way inferior, and that there’s something to be gained by being superior. Yet the most genuine winners have no need to create losers. The real winners in life are so strong that they pull everyone forward along with themselves.

If you can win only by making others lose, your strategy will eventually fail, because there will be no one left to be defeated. Seek instead to win by pulling others up, and there will be no end to the accomplishments you can reach.

— Ralph Marston

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