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It is a golden maxim to cultivate the garden for the nose, and the eyes will take care of themselves.
-- Robert Louis Stevenson


Thursday, May 23, 2002

Looking back, moving forward

If you could live your life backwards, just imagine all the mistakes, difficult situations and negative energy you could avoid. Knowing what you now know would give you an enormous advantage in living through those past experiences.

Though you cannot live your life backwards, and you really wouldn’t even want to, there is something even more powerful that you can do. You can choose to let go of all the negative energy created by past mistakes and disappointments.

Knowing what you now know, you see that there’s no reason in the world to keep hanging on to those disappointments. You see that every mistake, every disappointment, every unkind word, every embarrassment is in the past. Furthermore, you see that they’ve led you to where you now are. You see that, however painful they were at the time, those difficulties have helped you to grow in wisdom, strength and spirit.

And now is the ideal time to simply let go of all that negative energy you’ve been carrying. It doesn’t have to burden you or drain you any longer. Let yourself be free, let go of the negativity from your past, and unleash an enormous amount of positive energy to move you forward.

— Ralph Marston

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