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Middle age is when you've met so many people that every new person you meet reminds you of someone else.
-- Ogden Nash


Monday, November 13, 2000

Being creative

We often think of creativity as producing works of art or literature, as the act of expressing things is a profound and different way. Yet creativity can be a part of every moment.

Thoughtfully responding to situations, rather than mindlessly reacting, is a powerful form of creativity. Seeing the beauty in every detail of every day is a completely creative way to live. Recognizing the opportunities which are hidden in the obstacles is also a way of living creatively. Moving forward instead of fighting back is extremely creative.

Every moment is an opportunity to create. To create what? Not merely amazing inventions, magnificent images or profound strings of words, but a life of fulfillment and purpose. At any time and in any place, be creative. Escape the limiting patterns which hold you back and create a life of greatness. Express the beauty that is your life in a new and different way with each passing moment. That is being creative. That is being truly alive.

— Ralph Marston

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