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You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try.
-- Beverly Sills


Monday, July 31, 2000

Only trying to help

The desire to do the right thing is admirable. Yet making a positive difference takes more than good intentions. It takes preparation, effort, thought, action and discipline. The intention to do the right thing must be accompanied by the skill and ability to actually do it, if it is to be done.

From overprotective parents to misdirected social programs, the world is full of good intentions gone bad, situations in which trying to help ends up hurting. Good intentions are no excuse for bad results. The desire to do good needs to be followed through with effective, committed action. Anything worth accomplishing takes focused, intelligent and competent effort.

If you’re only trying to help, that’s wonderful but it is not enough. Make the effort to know and understand what you’re doing. Make the commitment to truly bringing about a positive difference. Your heart is in the right place. Make sure your mind, your hands and your results are there, too.

— Ralph Marston

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