Today, you have 100% of your life left.
-- Tom Hopkins



Thursday, February 27, 2003

Good for you

Do something good for yourself today, something truly special and enjoyable. You deserve it. Taking good care of yourself is not in any way selfish. In fact, the better you are to yourself, the more you will have to offer others.

What is truly good for you is good for those around you, and good for the world in which you live. So seek out those things that are good for you, and delight in them.

Do something nice for yourself, and make yourself more effective, more creative, more enthusiastic, more interesting and productive. Be good to yourself, and become the kind of person who can really make a positive difference.

To bring happiness to others, first create some genuine happiness within yourself. Find a special new way to enjoy life today, and the more you enjoy it, the better you will make it.

— Ralph Marston


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