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The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places.
-- Ernest Hemingway


Friday, October 29, 1999

Making a difference

Every day there are people in this world giving it their best shot. They’re coming up with new ideas and putting the commitment of action behind them. They’re inventing new things and new ways of solving problems. They’re coming back, time after time, even though they’ve been knocked down, persisting until they reach the success that they are confident will come.

These are the people who push the world forward. They’re not particularly glamorous. Most are not widely celebrated. They’re just doing what they know they must do. They see the positive possibilities and cannot help but pursue them. We see solid evidence of their work and commitment in all their many achievements -- achievements which add value to the lives of people the world over.

There are people who seek pleasure, people who seek riches, people who seek fame, people who seek power. Often those pursuits are empty and fleeting. Yet the special people who sincerely seek to make a real, positive difference, who do what it takes to follow the possibilities, create a real and lasting legacy. And the great thing is that anyone can do it if they so choose.

— Ralph Marston

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