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Problems are only opportunities in work clothes.
-- Henry Kaiser


Friday, August 20, 1999

Beyond reason

Reason will serve you well but reason alone cannot sustain your spirit. Some of the best things in life are unreasonable. Love and beauty exist largely outside of reason. The heart embraces things which the most reasonable mind does not even consider.

Be reasonable, yet do not limit yourself to being reasonable. On a regular basis, let yourself go beyond reason. There’s no need to reject reason. Just add to it, and most every aspect of your life will benefit.

In the midst of suffering and pain, hope may indeed be completely unreasonable. Even so, it has the power to sustain and strengthen beyond all reasonable expectations. In the face of continued setbacks and disappointments, perseverance may seem entirely unreasonable. Yet such ill-reasoned diligence has often resulted in great discoveries, creations and fortunes.

Reason is based on the things you already know. Beyond reason there is much you can learn. Seek to know the unknown. Spend some time being creatively and positively unreasonable. Regularly nurture your spirit as well as your mind. Make excursions outside the box of reason and you’ll return with positively energized spirit.

— Ralph Marston

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