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He who has a strong enough why can bear almost any how.
-- Fredrich Nietzsche


Thursday, August 19, 1999

Express yourself

As you go through each day, a part of you remains hidden. It has great value, and can be quite useful to you, yet too often you choose to keep it locked up where no one else can see it. It is the part of you which contains your dreams and your highest aspirations, your most treasured desires, the things that make you unique.

What would happen if you allowed that part of you to see the light of day a little more often? Is it really such a good idea to keep the things that are most precious to you, the things that serve to define you and make you unique, hidden from the rest of the world?

The things that are truly important and meaningful to you, have the capacity to be truly important and meaningful for your life, if you will let them. There’s a reason why you love the things you love. That passion can bring incredible power to your efforts.

Stay in close touch with who you are, with the things that really mean something to you, with the special things that make you unique. Tap into the special energy of your own, real essence.

— Ralph Marston

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