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No one ever went broke by saying no too often.
-- Harvey McKay


Thursday, July 29, 1999

Value everywhere

Even in the negative aspects of life, there is positive value. In fact, the distinction between negative and positive ultimately depends not on events or circumstances, but on what you decide to obtain from them.

There is value in fear. It helps to prepare you. It gives you energy to face those things which you fear. There is value in discomfort. It pushes you forward. It motivates you to seek something better.

There is value in disappointment. It teaches you. By illuminating what didn’t work, your disappointment points the way to what will work. There is value in pain. It makes you stronger and more resilient. It give you the ability and the desire to do things which you never before thought you could do.

Value does not come to you, nor does it hide from you. It is always there for you to find and use, every day, every moment, in every situation. Seek value with sincerity and confidence, whether in times of trouble or in times of joy, and it will be yours.

— Ralph Marston

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