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No one ever went broke by saying no too often.
-- Harvey McKay


Tuesday, July 6, 1999

What’s around you?

Look around you. Do you see clutter, confusion and chaos, or do you see focus, direction and purpose? Not only does your environment say a lot about you, it has a profound effect on you. The person you are does not end at the tip of your fingers. Your essence extends deep into the world around you. You influence that world and it influences you.

So what kind of influence is it having? Does your environment support you or does it detract from what you’re attempting to accomplish? Sometimes a small change in your surroundings, something as simple as cleaning off you desk or washing the windows, can have a profound effect on your attitude and effectiveness. The effort you put into making your surroundings more supportive can multiply the effectiveness of all your other efforts.

Take control of your life by taking responsibility for the things around you. Surround yourself with excellence and your efforts will more naturally and more surely lead toward excellence.

— Ralph Marston

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