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How can we expect a harvest of thought who have not had a seedtime of character?
-- Henry David Thoreau


Thursday, April 8, 1999

Rare value

Diamonds have numerous practical applications in drills and other cutting tools, but that is not what makes diamonds so valuable. Authentic diamonds are valuable because they are so rare and difficult to come by.

That’s useful to remember when you are faced with limitations. Those limitations give value to whatever you’re working to accomplish. The more difficult the achievement, the more valuable it is.

Diamonds have value because you must dig long and hard in order to find one. If they were scattered around everywhere on the ground, they would not be worth much. In fact, you would probably have to pay someone if you wanted them hauled away.

So too with achievement. The things that come easy, with little or no effort, have little or no value. To create something of great value, you generally must overcome a challenge of great magnitude.

Are you digging for diamonds, or just shoveling dirt? Seek out the challenges. They are what bring value.

— Ralph Marston

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