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What does not destroy me, makes me strong.
-- Friedrich Neitzche


Monday, April 5, 1999

Make your annoyances pay

You’re sitting at your desk, attempting to get work done. But every few seconds, there’s an annoying beeping sound coming from your computer. The more it beeps, the more frustrated you become. You soon reach the point where you simply cannot get any work done because of the beeping.

Then you find out that every time the computer beeps, you get paid $50. Suddenly it is not nearly so annoying. In fact, it becomes soothing, encouraging you as you do your work. Whenever there’s a long pause between beeps, you grow a bit concerned. You look for ways to make it beep more.

We’re all annoyed by certain things. But where is the annoyance really created? In the thing itself or in the way we look at it? What annoys you? What if you could find a way to make it pay? Would it still be annoying?

Often we’re reluctant to go after our dreams because in the process we’ll need to put up with some annoyances. Rejection can be annoying. Wearing a suit and tie can be annoying. Fighting traffic to get to an appointment can be annoying. Bookkeeping can be annoying. Yet those who are successful often must experience all those annoyances, and more.

What annoying things do you avoid, that could be stepping stones to success? When you can bring yourself to put up with the annoyances and inconveniences that are necessary for achievement, the rewards can indeed be great.

— Ralph Marston

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