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The worst sin... is... to be indifferent.
-- George Bernard Shaw


Tuesday, March 23, 1999

Lifeline to your dreams

Closely examine a strong, hefty length of rope and you’ll discover that it is made of many thin, tiny threads, woven and braided together. Each individual thread would snap under the slightest force, yet when bound together in a large rope they can hold an enormous load.

You are constantly thinking, and each of your thoughts is like a tiny strand in the rope. By itself, it is fragile and easily severed. And just as a frayed rope is of little use, if your thoughts are scattered and without consistent direction, there is no useful strength in them. Yet when thoughts are joined together with other thoughts, over time, in the same direction, immense strength is created.

Your thoughts connect you, one thread at time, to whatever you think about. If you think about the limitations of your past, all those thoughts will soon create a strong rope which will tie you down and hold you back. When you consistently think about your positive possibilities, you create a sturdy rope which connects you to the best you can be. You’ll still have to climb that rope by the actions you take, but your positive thoughts will weave together to give you a clear way to reach the summit.

Use your thoughts to create a lifeline to your dreams, and then start climbing!

— Ralph Marston

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