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Character develops itself in the stream of life.
-- Goethe


Saturday, February 27, 1999

Make a choice

Take a good look around you and realize that your life right now is the direct result of all the choices you have made in the past. How do you like where you are? You’ve certainly made a lot of progress to arrive here. You’ve survived and managed to thrive up to this point.

Are there things that could be better? Probably so. Are there places you would like to go, things you want to do? Can you envision the possibility of life being even better, even more fulfilling and enjoyable, than it is right now?

So how do you get there? The same way you got where you are right now. As a direct result of the choices you make.

There are choices and there are choices. We usually pay a lot of attention to the big ones -- where to go to college, who to marry, which house to buy. Yet often the most powerful choices are the “little” ones, the ones which are made day after day -- whether to make just one more sales call, whether to get up a few minutes early and exercise, what kind of attitude to take on a daily basis toward work and career.

Your quality of life is the result of every choice you make. And every moment is a choice. The future is steadily approaching. Pay attention to your choices. They will actively shape that future.

— Ralph Marston

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