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The ancestor of every action is a thought.
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Saturday, October 17, 1998

Getting it all done

When this day is over, there will be some things that you didn’t get done. That’s OK. The world will not come to a screeching halt just because every item on your “to do” list didn’t get checked off.

Sure, it is important to work diligently, doing what needs to be done. It is also important to enjoy each step along the way. If you postpone your relaxation and enjoyment until after everything is completed, you’ll never be able to relax. Because there’s always something left to do.

By contrast, when you enjoy each moment as it comes, even when under the pressure of “things to do,” then you’ll develop a solid confidence that will make your efforts more effective.

What are you giving up, what are you missing out on, in your futile attempt to get “caught up"? Remember, today will be gone soon. Your chance to enjoy it is right now. Relax, and live the golden moments as they move by.

— Ralph Marston

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