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It is not love of self but hatred of self which is at the root of the troubles that afflict our world.
-- Eric Hoffer


Friday, August 21, 1998

One path

Many paths lead to where you want to go. But if you try to take them all, you’ll never make it. Your possibilities may indeed be unlimited, but without focus they are of little value. For a possibility to become a reality, you must follow it with commitment. And a big part of that commitment is the necessity of forgoing other possibilities.

There are countless possibilities available to you. And yet, you can only do so much. You cannot follow every one. Indeed, you would not want to. Take one path at a time, and stick with it for as far as possible. If it becomes necessary to change your approach, then truly change it, and make sure you commit to the change.

It takes confidence and belief in yourself to stay focused. Jumping from one thing to another is a quick, easy way to calm your fears, but it will eventually spread you so thin you can’t get anything done.

Give your efforts the focus they deserve. When you are truly committed to achievement, the path you’re on is just as good as any other.

— Ralph Marston

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