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It's faith in something and enthusiasm for something that makes life worth living.
-- Oliver Wendell Holmes


Tuesday, June 16, 1998


Because is a very compelling word. When used to persuade, it is almost impossible to deny. “You need to buy this house because it’s in a great neighborhood.” How can you object to that?

Watch out, though. You can get trapped by because. The word “because” makes it easy to justify your actions, or your lack of action, based on some external factor. It’s easy for someone to say “I can’t get ahead because this business is just too competitive.” While they may indeed be in a competitive industry, there are most likely many other reasons for their lack of success. Yet that one “because” prevents them from looking any further, to discover what effective changes could be made.

Try changing “because” to “one cause” and see what happens. “I can’t get ahead. One cause is that this business is just too competitive.” It almost begs the question -- what are the other causes? And that’s very useful. It gets you thinking about what you can do to improve the situation.

What “becauses” do you carry around every day that are limiting assumptions? Consider the doors of possibility that would suddenly open if you could get beyond them.

— Ralph Marston

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