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Just because everything is different doesn't mean that everything has changed.
-- Irene Peter


Wednesday, March 25, 1998


Meaningful accomplishment requires sacrifice and constant discipline, qualities which are often sabotaged by the urges and desires of the moment. That’s why it is so important to keep reminding yourself of the long-term goals you seek.

There was once a woman who went to work in a home-based direct selling business. Her husband told her she was crazy, and that she was wasting her time, but she didn’t let his opinion dampen her enthusiasm. She taped a photograph of an expensive luxury car on her bathroom mirror, where she would see it every day and be motivated to succeed in her business. Her husband just laughed. Then one day she drove home in a brand new car, purchased with the income from her business. It was the same model and color as in the picture. The next morning, her husband had removed the picture from the bathroom mirror and taped up another one -- of a brand new ski boat. Though he had ridiculed the method, he could not deny the result.

When you’re working to achieve something, it is vital to have a clear idea of what it is, and to keep that idea at the forefront of your attention. Otherwise, too many influences are ready and waiting to knock you off track. What reminders do you have to keep you focused on your success? Keep remembering where you’re headed, and you’ll have the strength to get there.

— Ralph Marston

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