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What we see depends mainly on what we look for.
-- Sir John Lubbock


Tuesday, March 24, 1998

Nagging little problems

We usually sit up and pay attention to the big problems and challenges that come along, and find the strength to handle them. A serious crisis will often be accompanied by the energy needed to deal with it.

The major problems, we find a way to overcome or at least endure. Yet it is the little, nagging, everyday problems which often are the most destructive. They’re the ones we consider too trivial to tackle, and so they continue to take their toll, unchallenged, day after day. Over time, it adds up.

What nagging problems have been eating away at you? Pick one today and fix it. It probably won’t even take much effort -- just a little time and commitment. And then tomorrow, go after another one. Think how quickly you could rid yourself of your little, nagging problems if you just worked on one each day.

Of course you want to resolve the big challenges that come up. But often times when you solve a big problem, it just keeps you even. Do something about the little problems too, and your effort will pay dividends far into the future. What little things can you work on, that will make a big difference?

— Ralph Marston

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