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Man can be defeated but not destroyed.
-- Ernest Hemingway


Thursday, January 22, 1998

Limiting factors

You are the primary power source for your own limitations. Stop maintaining your limitations, stop giving them support, and they fade away.

Every time you say, out loud or to yourself, “I could never do that” you are affirming your limitations. When you explain your behavior by saying “that’s just the way I am” you’re building and strengthening the limits which hold you back.

Your mind is responsible for your own version of reality. Any limitation which takes hold in your mind, is very real indeed. What is that “little voice” inside your head talking about all day? Is it holding you back, or pushing you ahead? Is it constantly saying “I could never” or “I’m always” or “I can’t"? Are you busy convincing yourself of your own limitations?

That little voice can say anything you want it to say. Listen to what you’re telling yourself, and think about it. Do you really need to be criticizing and limiting yourself? Start being supportive of yourself, and watch how quickly the world changes for the better.

— Ralph Marston

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