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Growth itself contains the germ of happiness.
-- Pearl S. Buck


Saturday, July 6, 2024

Rewarding life

The reward is not in the prize. The reward is in the effort.

The prize is a mere token. And when it is not earned, it is an empty, meaningless, worthless token, no matter how much glitter it may possess.

The prospect of pleasure exerts a powerful pull. Yet as desirable as it may be, pleasure does not, will not, cannot sustain you.

Every day brings you the opportunity to insert some sort of value in the world where it never existed before. As you already know from experience, a rewarding life comes from capitalizing on such opportunities.

Which would you prefer, to have everything and to have done nothing, or to have nothing and to have done everything? Life is in the living, in the participation, in the dynamic attaining rather than in the cold, static trophy.

Here right now is your chance to do that living, to take on the challenges, to make a difference that comes from deep within. Feel your unique potential as it beckons you to an increasingly rewarding life, and answer the call.

— Ralph Marston

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