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Tomorrow is a thief of pleasure.
-- Rex Harrison


Thursday, July 4, 2024

Mental work

Take the time, have the courage, to explore your own thoughts. Within those thoughts you can find great treasure.

Every thought you think is informed by the totality of your knowledge and experience. Give those thoughts the time, space, and focus to interact with each other.

No, you don’t want to spend all your time wandering through your own thoughts. However, a regular, reasonable period of uninterrupted thinking is well worth the investment.

It’s quite amazing that you have quick and easy access to the expressed thoughts of so many other people. And yet for all that insight to have value in your own life, you must do the mental work to integrate it well.

Think, listen to your thoughts, make a record of them, review them, challenge them, refine them. Among your many advisors, make sure one of them is you.

Your life can always benefit from some serious, prolonged, and introspective thought. Offer yourself that benefit often.

— Ralph Marston

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