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Dare to be naive.
-- Buckminster Fuller


Friday, November 17, 2023

Time to begin

You know you can be better, you know you can give more. Challenge yourself to do so.

It’s easy to complain, to blame, to dream up excuses, to feel sorry for yourself. But none of that is going to achieve anything.

What makes a difference is your purposeful, focused, persistent effort. So go ahead and do what you know you can do.

The path forward is complicated, uncomfortable, inconvenient, frustrating. Yet it’s also available and attainable, and now is the time to proceed with it.

The world will continually try to entice you with promises of something for nothing. But as you’ve experienced again and again, such promises never pan out.

What does get results, what does bring improvement, is your effort. And just in case you’ve lost sight of what you already know, now is the best time to begin.

— Ralph Marston

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