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The greatest sin is not to be filled with joy.
-- Rabbi Leveratov


Saturday, July 15, 2023

Respect yourself

The best option is not necessarily the one for which you can merely come up with a justification. Your best option is the one you can genuinely respect yourself for choosing.

Will you respect yourself tomorrow for doing this, or many years from now? It’s a benchmark that can be difficult to meet, yet rewarding to live with.

Would you gain respect for anyone else who does what you’re about to do, or not? Hold yourself to that same standard.

Life has taught you much about what behaviors to respect and which ones to be wary of. Every day you can utilize that wisdom by holding a bright mirror up to your own words, thoughts, and activities.

You’ve gained respect for what makes sense, for what works, for what usefully contributes to life. Seek to align yourself, your efforts, your inclinations, with those things you respect.

Pause and consider your level of respect for whatever you’re about to do. If you can honestly respect yourself, you’re on the right track.

— Ralph Marston

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