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Do good by stealth, and blush to find it fame.
-- Alexander Pope


Monday, June 19, 2023

Love what you do

Would you like to be doing what you love right now, or at any time? The only thing necessary for doing what you love is to love what you do.

But how can you love an activity that is frustrating, inconvenient, tedious, or downright miserable? You remind yourself that love is always yours to choose.

You can love yourself, the people around you, the opportunities available to you, the interesting things you can learn, and so much more. It is by giving love that you experience love, and nothing can stop you from doing so.

Even when people are constantly being rude, you can love the chance to strengthen your patience. When you’re cold, tired, hungry, and confused, you can imagine and love the endurance of all the past and present people who have had it even worse.

Giving your love requires nothing other than the intention to do so. At any time, in any place, it’s a choice you can make.

When you love what you do it improves what you do, and improves your outlook as well. Love what you do, whatever it is, and immediately reap the benefits that your love can bring.

— Ralph Marston

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