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If you care enough for a result, you will most certainly attain it.
-- William James


Wednesday, May 31, 2023

No matter what

Life can be difficult at many times, in all sorts of ways, on multiple levels. Even so, it’s probably not nearly as bad as you’ve been led to believe.

There are problems in this world, as there have always been. Yet you and everyone else are highly skilled at working through all kinds of problems.

Compared to the problems, an even greater number of positive possibilities exist. And as those possibilities are realized they become even more numerous.

For centuries, worry and fear have been used by those who seek profit and power. It’s good to frequently remind yourself that you don’t always have to buy what they’re selling.

Chances are, there’s something good, and positive, and uplifting you can do right now, right here. Chances are, the sun will come up tomorrow and you can enjoy more goodness, perhaps share it with someone you care about.

Troubles will persist, just as they always have. And you can continue to live with purpose, with joy, with truth and meaning, no matter what.

— Ralph Marston

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