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Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance.
-- Ruth E Renkel


Saturday, April 1, 2023

The best place to be

You are not where you think you should be. You are where you are.

But what if those two situations were the same? What if you could accept that your current reality exactly matches your current ideal?

In that case, all your resentment would be replaced with gratitude. The energy of your disappointment would be transformed into the energy of determination.

You would not feel stuck, would not feel hindered by your circumstances. Instead, you’d feel energized to improve upon those circumstances, to envision and follow an ambitious pathway to fulfillment.

You would not waste time wondering where you went wrong. You would be able to see all sorts of opportunities for moving forward.

The fact is, this is the place where you actually are, the only place from which you can now make progress. Perhaps it’s best to simply allow yourself to do just that.

— Ralph Marston

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