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Restlessness and discontent are the first necessities of progress.
-- Thomas Alva Edison


Thursday, March 30, 2023

Who you think you are

Think of yourself in terms of your greatest potential, your highest values, your most effective skills. Then take the actions consistent with the person you think you are.

You know you have standards that you’ve failed to meet. Ask yourself what you can do to improve that situation, and act on your answers.

You’ve thought for a long time about what you could do to make life better. Begin now to put more of those thoughts into practice.

Seek to bridge the gap between the best of who you think you are, the best of who you imagine you could be, and the reality of your day to day behavior. Find and follow opportunities to live your life in accordance with your vision.

There is a caring, thoughtful, creative, competent, effective person inside you. Let that person see more of the light of day and let all of life benefit from the good you can do.

In the challenge of living out your highest expectations your own unique greatness comes to the surface. Make it your business every day to enable that to happen.

— Ralph Marston

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