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-- Will Durant


Friday, February 10, 2023

All you can achieve

Identify a modestly ambitious objective you wish to achieve. Divide it into twenty five roughly equal parts.

Each day, set aside some time to work on completing just one part. Each week, give yourself a one-day break from the effort.

After a month of such measured, persistent effort you’ll have the thing done. Not only that, you’ll also enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you did it.

When you expect to accomplish a task all at once, you’re in danger of feeling overwhelmed or of quickly burning out. But spread it out over a reasonable period of time, and you can make it into work you actually look forward to doing.

Imagine what you could achieve in a couple of hours if you broke the task into five-minute parts. Think of what you’d be able to create over the course of a year by working on it for three hours a week.

Give yourself something specific and meaningful to do, and you turn what likely would have been wasted, unfulfilling moments into lasting value. Set a goal you can reach step by step by step, and be amazed at all you can achieve.

— Ralph Marston

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