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If you got the guts to stick it out, you are going to make it.
-- Brian Hays


Monday, October 24, 2022


In the less than perfect moments your life gains richness. The awkward, uncomfortable times are when you grow in strength, wisdom, resilience.

The treasured stories you have to tell are not about when everything went exactly according to plan. What often makes life interesting are the things you could never anticipate.

Of course you do what you can to minimize distractions, interruptions, and other deviations from your intended path. But when you do get sidetracked, maybe it’s not such a bad thing.

Maybe, in fact, it can bring some new form of value into your life. Perhaps you’ll discover good things you never knew you were missing.

Structure, order, dependability, discipline, they’re all essential to a well-lived life. But so is a little bit of chaos now and again.

Keep yourself on the course you’ve set while also remaining open to the surprises that surely await. Sometimes your life will benefit from getting a little bit sidetracked.

— Ralph Marston

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