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If we don't discipline ourselves the world will do it for us.
-- William Feather


Friday, April 8, 2022

Treasure the memories

The past is over, yet its brightest treasures remain within you. Though you cannot live in the past, every day you carry its value forward.

In your attic the memories gather layer upon layer of dust as time goes by. In your heart, however, the memories gain more vitality and relevance as fresh experiences are woven into them over time.

Much of what you know about yourself comes from who you’ve been, how you’ve lived, all that you’ve discovered. Even the most difficult times in your past can offer you something of benefit today.

And today will itself soon be in your past. Let that thought remind you to live it honestly, authentically, with courage, curiosity and kindness.

For though this day is only yours to live for a short time, the way you live it will become an enduring part of you. Use the opportunity of its hours to give yourself and your world a gift that keeps on giving.

Treasure the memories, whatever they may be, and continually build on them. Learn to become even more of the best you have been.

— Ralph Marston

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