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There is good in everything, if only we look for it.
-- Laura Ingalls Wilder


Monday, November 29, 2021

What you get used to

It’s amazing what you can get used to. It’s frightening what you can get used to.

Whatever you get used to doing, thinking, expecting, will have a major impact on your life. What you would never accept or participate in initially, you can get used to eventually.

You can get used to some powerful, positive behaviors and you can get used to some very destructive patterns. The more you do anything, the more likely you are to do it again and again.

Keep that in mind as you make each individual choice. Those choices build your expectations, your image of yourself, and then those expectations build your life.

That can work in your favor or it can work against you. So make sure each choice is one that would benefit your life and your world if it were to be repeated and amplified many times over.

How do you want your life to unfold from this point forward? Get there by being diligent about what you enable yourself to get used to.

— Ralph Marston

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